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September 18, 2010

Author icon Finding Out (aka Peeing on a Stick)

Although Mr. Parasol and I have been married for a couple of years, a baby was not in our immediate plans. Don't get me wrong, we love and want kids. We just thought that babies would be, well... later. But so often God has other plans, doesn't he?

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was a day "late" so I took a pregnancy test and it told me that I was not pregnant. So I figured that my cycle was just out of whack and I was just late. Two days later, I had the lightest period of my life. Two days of just spotting. I thought it was odd, but because of the first test, I still didn't think really I was pregnant. So I left town on a business trip, but I just could not shake the idea that maybe my "light period" was actually "implantation bleeding" (something I learned about while being a hypochondriac on google).


So alone in my hotel room, I took another pregnancy test, that I had thrown in my suitcase "just in case." (Good thing those things come in packs of two, right?)

And this is what it said...


(Note: I had to buy the digital kind of test because I know that it would be impossible for me to interpret double lines, +s, etc. and I would just see what I wanted to see in that moment. Digital leaves no room for interpretation.)

And there I was, in my hotel room, 6:00 AM on Tuesday morning, and our whole lives suddenly changed. We were going to be parents!

Oh my goodness, we are going to be parents?! What does that even mean?!


Stay tuned for the next part of the story -- which I like to call shock, denial, and more shock.

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September 17, 2010

Author icon Introducing Momma Parasol!

Hi everyone!


I am Momma (to-be) Parasol, the newest blogger at The Baby Cove!


I'm only 5 weeks pregnant. Yup just 5 little weeks. But I couldn't wait to "dive in" to The Baby Cove and start sharing my journey with you.


Since I'm not too far along, I'm hiding my true identity for a little while, but I promise to tell you more about me later.


Get excited!  



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July 07, 2010

Author icon Have You Heard?

Forever21 now carries maternity!  SHUT UP!  I know!  I mean not that it helps me much, being just 4 weeks away from D day, but the newly preggers might find this helpful!  Looks like they are just in the beginning stages of the launch, very limited pieces are available, BUT I think once it's up and running it will be a GREAT place for fun, fashionable, maternity wear.  Plus no one wants to spend a fortune on maternity clothes and they have jeans for as cheap as $14!  I swear....check it out yourself if you don't believe me!  

Some of my favorite looks...

  What do you think?  Will you shop their new line?  What other fashionable maternity stores do you frequent?

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April 29, 2010

Author icon Cloth Diapers....yay or nay?

So recently I've ventured into unknown territory. 

Something I NEVER considered. 

Something I pretty much knew nothing about. 

Cloth Diapers. 

They've really come a long way from the pre-folds, cheesy plastic covers and giant pins of the past.  They've actually gotten cute and colorful!  Dare I even say stylish compared to the big named disposables.  I've been seriously considering them lately and even have the husband on board!  (Once I assured him the dirty diapers would NOT be washed with his clothes...haha.  Men.)

So what brings about this sudden obsession you may ask?  Well I started crunching the numbers and the amount spent on diapers alone for one child is insane.

DISPOSABLE DIAPERS (all numbers approx.)
- average cost per bag: $18.00
- average number of diapers per bag: 50
- average number of diapers used per day: 8
- average length of each bag of diapers: 6 days
- average bags needed per month: 5
- average monthly cost on disposable diapers: $90.00
- average yearly cost on disposable diapers: $1080
- average length of time baby/toddler in diapers: 3 years
- Average cost of disposable diapers for diapering lifetime: $3240 per child 

Wow.  Talk about sticker shock when you see it all added up like that.  There's a lot more things I can think of to spend that money on, saving for college comes to mind.  A fun family vacation perhaps.  But to spend it on diapers seems a little crazy with all the other options out there.

After doing a little (ok a lot of) research, reading countless product reviews and talking with other moms on popular message boards, cloth diapering really seems to be the way to go.  In addition to being cost efficient they're also better for the environment and gentler on baby's skin.  The improvements made over the years also show less leaking and blowouts than with disposables and less diaper rash due to the high absorbency of the material.  All pros in my book! 


My husband and I have decided to give it a go, trying the Bum Genius(BG) one size pocket diaper v3.0.  The initial upfront costs are of course higher.  To cloth diaper full time it is recommended you have 20-24 on hand.  Starting at about 16.95 per diaper you're looking at a start up cost of about $350.  Seems like kind of a alot at first, but it truly is an investment.  The BGs will fit my baby from 7-35 pounds...basically it's entire diapered life.  When well cared for you can continue to use them for future children.  Compared to $3240 for just one child in disposables...I was sold.

There are TONS of other choices out there in addition to Bum Genius.  Here are several sites I found very helpful when narrowing down all the choices.  Many of these offer bulk ordering discounts, free shipping, and free trials to see if cloth diapering is for you or not.

Nicki's Diapers

Cotton Babies

Jillian's Drawers

G Diapers

Diaper Pin

I am excited for baby to arrive so I can give these a try!  Hopefully in a few months I can report back with nothing but good reviews! 

Any other moms out there use cloth diapers?  I'd love to hear your experience and which brand(s) you like the best.  Please share!

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April 02, 2010

Author icon Featured Photographer: Modern Kids

The Baby Cove recently discovered the stunning photography of Modern Kids Photography in San Francisco, CA. 

We're just swooning over this laid-back maternity shoot... 


Oh and these precious newborns... 


The Baby Cove: Tell us about Modern Kids Photography.

Sarah Wert, the primary photographer for Modern Kids: While everyone loves a smiling kid, that's not always what I look for. Children express themselves through many incredible emotions and I'm interested in capturing all their moods and unique personality traits. My goal is to give parents not only a fun and enjoyable family photography session but to make unexpected, and indelible imagery they will never forget.

The Baby Cove: What is the best part of photographing families and babies?

Modern Kids: I absolutely love my job. I've been in business for about a year and a half and would not trade it for anything. I love simple and clean but meaningful images that tells a little story about each of my families. I am lucky to shoot all over the US but primarily in San Francisco and New York. 


To view more beautiful, natural babies and moms visit Modern Kids Photography.

One more for the road... we just couldn't resist...


Thanks Sarah and Modern Kids!


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April 01, 2010

Author icon Never Smile at a Crocodile

Ever since we found out that our little bean is a boy I have been 110% against all "characters/animals" for clothing, his nursery and even some toys. That is, until I came across this little cutie:

Meet "Cordy Roy Alligator" (you can find him here) and he has me obsessed with all things gator and crocodile

After I came across dear 'ol "Cordy Roy" I literally spent hours and hours one night finding cute gator items for our new baby boy. Yes, the hubby thinks I'm crazy but check some of this out and I'm sure you will agree that if a baby boy ever needed a "character/animal" in their life - this is it!


First up on my "must have" list is this adorable "Preppy Gator Onesie" from the Etsy shop: The Groovy Mommy. I NEED this!!


I'm loving the idea of paci clips - since I'm a new mom I'm not sure if they are all that great but this one definitely has lots of "cute factor"! I found it here at the Etsy shop: Lili Bug Boutique

Sleeper SocksBib  Rattle

While the hubby and I were browsing Gymboree last weekend I stumbled across a "gator jackpot" in the back of the store. I squealed with excitement when I saw the whole alligator collection


I recently stumbled across these invites on, I think they would be so fun for a birth announcement or a baby shower!


These note cards from A Touch of Whimsy make wonderful thank you notes for a baby shower, and would be great to keep a stash of on hand for those sweet friends who stop by with food and goodies after the baby is born.

This bag tag from Boatman Gellar, available at the Preppy Princess can be found here. I think this would be great for pre-school and the little guy's first vacay!

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March 30, 2010

Author icon Momma Pearl: Gender Reveal Day!

The doctor's office that I go to doesn't do any ultrasounds (unless you are high risk, or you are having any sort of problems) until you are 20 weeks. They make this very clear and remind you that the ultrasound is solely to check and make sure that the baby has all of his or her's body parts and organs and not to check the gender of the baby, that's just an added bonus if they can tell.

Like any other mom-to-be my baby's health is hands down, my number one concern. BUT, just like everyone else who chooses to find out the baby's gender I was dying to know as soon as possible if I was carrying around a little prince or a little princess. I was ready to start shopping, decorating, calling him/her by their name, and register for essentials. 

So finally, after what had felt like months and months of waiting (oh wait, it was months of waiting!!!) the day had finally arrived!!

On Friday, March 12th the hubby and I were going to find out if our little "bean" was a boy or a girl! The days leading up it was all we could talk about, all we could think about. We were just on the edge of our seats waiting to find out.

That morning, after the hubby left for work I came downstairs to find this amazing gift on the kitchen table! It's the Tiffany & Co. "Medium" Bean necklace! I have always thought that this was such a sweet gift for a mom-to-be! And I have worn mine almost everyday since. The enclosure reads: "I love you baby! I'm so excited to have our first little bean on the way!!!"

I can't even tell you how long I cried.


When we got to the Doctor's office we immediately went into the ultrasound room where we met the nicest technician who informed us that she has been doing ultrasounds for 23 years. That's almost my whole life! I instantly felt a bit of relief, this lady definitely knew what she was doing. As I was getting situated she asked us if we'd like to know the sex: "YES, please!!"

Since I've never had an ultrasound before, I expected it to go something like "here is the head, here are the ribs, hands, etc." Gee was I wrong! No sooner had she placed the goo and wand on my belly did she exclaim "Well, I can tell you right now, it's a BOY!!!"

We were so surprised that it happened so quickly, and then we had tears in our eyes. A boy!? Our first little precious baby is a boy?? We were are so excited! We are still just so in awe with the fact that we are going to have a son. We already love him so much!! And the doctor let us know that everything on the pictures looked perfect, he looked extremely healthy! Talk about a blessing!!


(Leaving the Dr. office - I wore pink AND blue! I didn't want to offend our newest family member if I guessed wrong!)

Right after we left the appointment - we had to rush home to get ready for our "gender reveal" dinner that we were throwing for our family. Nothing fancy, we just did a taco bar which was delicious and easy for a big group. 

After everyone ate dinner (we like to keep people in suspense) we got ready to cut the cake. After seeing this on all sorts of blogs and t.v. shows I decided that I would make my own "gender reveal" cake and the inside would either be pink or blue depending on the sex of the little one.

Since the hubby's sister was home on Spring Break and is possibly more excited about this baby than we are (kidding, but she is just over-the-moon!) we decided to let her cut into the cake. As you can tell by the picture - for some reason it gave her a ton of stress! Everyone finally started yelling
"just cut into it"!!!

And once she did, it revealed a definite shade of BLUE!! 


It was a whirlwind of a day and probably one of the most emotional days I have ever had. I am just so taken back by being pregnant and loving this new little life more than I could ever imagine.


P.S. Disclaimer: The gender reveal party, cake, and decorations were not my idea, I cannot take any credit for them at all. I found inspiration through all sorts of blogs (some baby cove writers!) and even things I have seen on t.v. ~

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March 23, 2010

Author icon PBK+Etsy=L.O.V.E.

 think it’s well known that Pottery Barn Kids has quite possibly the CUTEST baby & kid bedding around.  I knew the minute I got pregnant that was where our baby’s bedding would come from, nothing else even compares.  Well…I just so happened to be browsing Etsy at work one day during lunch and noticed several sellers make things (wall hangings, lamp shades, blankets, etc) to MATCH the bedding!  Holy smokes, I’m in trouble!

Pbk+etsy=love (1)

Do you have any favorite Etsy sellers?

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March 18, 2010

Author icon Celeb Style Inspiration

Stuck in a maternity style rut?  Take a note from these fashionable mamas and make the most of your growing belly!  Seems like the maxi dress is a pregnant lady's best friend!  

Celeb inspiration

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Author icon Baby Melons: Part 2

Yesterday Momma Crab shared her love of Baby Melons.

Well today the folks at contacted us, and are offering the readers of The Baby Cove a 15% discount off of your total purchase at

Just enter the code THEBABYCOVE at checkout!


Happy shopping!

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